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Park Passes
Stay for the Day
Looking to visit someone who's already staying at our Massachusetts campground for the day? You're in luck! We offer Visitor Passes so you can make the most out of your visit. Please note that availability is limited for these passes and may require call-ahead approval.
Visitor Passes
Jellystone Park™ welcomes visitors! If you would like to visit someone staying at the park we have visitor passes available for a fee.

Visitor Fees apply to the following:
- Extra persons not included in campsite rates 
- Guests visiting someone staying at the park 
- Visitors and extra persons are only required to pay fees for a maximum of 3 nights. 

Staying for more than 3 nights? Only pay for the first 3 and stay for free nights 4-7!
Non-Peak Overnight : $23
Non-Peak 4-7 Nights*: $69
Peak & Holiday Overnight: $39
Peak & Holiday 4-7 Nights*: $117
How to Purchase
Call our Registration Station at (508) 866-4040 to add an extra person to your booking!
Terms and Conditions
Visitors and additional persons are only required to pay fees for a maximum of 3 nights. Visitors and additional persons are not allowed to bring pets. Visitors and additional persons must register upon arrival.