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Top Things to Do Near Cape Cod, MA
If you're visiting our Camp-Resort this season, you'll probably need a few suggestions for things to do outside of our Massachusetts campground! With all that we have to offer, you won't need to leave our campground unless you're itching to explore the surrounding area! Cape Cod is a beautiful beach town with plenty of options for family-friendly things to do. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and only 45 minutes away from our family campground in Massachusetts, the Cape is the perfect place to visit for a beach day! Here is a mix of 10 things to do in Cape Cod to keep in mind for your next stay with us!

Family-Friendly Attractions:

Whydah Pirate Museum

Cape Cod's newest interactive science museum is sure to be a fun time for all ages! The Whydah Pirate Museum takes visitors through a journey about the explorers, divers, researchers, and archaeologists' research and findings. Explore the deep sea for yourself by visiting the museum's exhibitions this summer. Tickets are anywhere from $13-$17 and children 4 and under are free! Purchase your tickets here.

Woods Hole Science Aquarium

If you are looking for things to do in Cape Cod that scream "New England", the Woods Hole Science Aquarium is a great spot! Get up close to native aquatic species such as haddock, flounders, horseshoes, and more. Plus, learn about marine mammals in a variety of exhibits. Plus, there is an outdoor seal enclosure where you can see the seals in action! Admission is free for all, so this is a great spot to save a little during your trip.
Photo courtesy of Cape Cod Children's Museum.

Cape Cod Children's Museum

If you're bringing your kiddos on your camping trip, you'll definitely need things to do in Cape Cod for children! The Cape Cod Children's Museum is a great stop filled with interactive and educational activities for kids. Plus, they have both indoor and outdoor activities, so you can soak up the sun or hide from the rain depending on weather. Plan your visit with their guide here.

Top Local Restaurants:

Good Friends Cafe

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you'll need to fuel up for your day full of fun in Cape Cod! Good Friends Cafe is the total quaint and coastal New England breakfast spot that supports local resources. They sell fresh bakery treats along with breakfast and lunch. Plus, it's right near the water, so you can head to the coast after your meal! 
Photo courtesy of Skipper's.

The Skipper Restaurant and Chowder House

The Skipper Restaurant and Chowder House is the highest-rated lunch restaurant in Cape Cod and a must-try during your day trip. If you're visiting the island, you have to try their Triple Crown award-winning "clam chowdah" for an authentic New England bite! Their menu is fresh and local filled with plenty of seafood to try. Check out their full menu here and dine along the coastline when you visit this top spot!

Alberto's Ristorante

We gave you one of the best seafood options, but wanted to provide a variety of restaurants in Cape Cod to choose from. If you're looking for a classic Italian restaurant, but still offers some seafood options, Alberto's Ristorante is the way to go. This is a nicer restaurant option if you want to end your day trip to Cape Cod in style with pasta, desserts, and wine for the parents!

Best Nearby Activities:

Cape Cod National Seashore

It wouldn't be right if we gave you things to do in Cape Cod and the beach wasn't an option! The Cape Cod National Seashore is the perfect place to see the coast and relax on the sand with 40 miles of beaches, marshes, ponds, and uplands! Not only is there a beach, but there are walking trails, dune shacks, and oversand beach driving options. Take a picture with the iconic lighthouse or cranberry bogs for the true, authentic Cape Cod experience.

Heritage Museums and Gardens

Enjoy 100 acres of beautiful grounds and trails at the Heritage Museum and Gardens! This peaceful activity boasts plenty of options like walking trails, food and drink options, a shop, and more. Explore the beautiful plants and scenery sprawled around the property and enjoy the serenity that comes with it. They also have Hidden Hollow, which provides family fun for children ages 2-10! Find out more about it here.

Sundae School Ice Cream

After all the things to do in Cape Cod, enjoying a sweet treat while watching the sunset over the water is the perfect end to your day trip. Sundae School Ice Cream is one of the best ice cream places on the Cape and is located right by the coast. This quaint house has a full menu with fresh flavors of ice cream along with frappes, sodas, splits, and pie. They've been around since 1976 and maintain raving reviews, so check it out while camping near Cape Cod and see what the hype is about!
Hopefully you're able to add a couple of these stops to your itinerary next time you stay with us! Our campground near Cape Cod is the perfect homebase if you're traveling to Eastern Massachusetts. While there is plenty to do at our Camp-Resort, we hope you can venture out to Cape Cod to see some favorites spots to visit!