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Exciting Family-Friendly Attractions Near Carver, MA
Staying on-site at our Camp-Resort offers a wide variety of things to do, but have you thought about exploring Carver, Massachusetts? Carver offers a variety of things to do for all ages - especially attractions that are perfect for families. Keep reading for our top 5 recommendations!
Climb, jump, and play the day away at Off the Wall Kidz in Carver, MA!

Off the Wall Kidz

Off the Wall Kidz is the perfect spot for families! As a family-owned business located 15 minutes away from our Massachusetts campground, they're in the industry of family-fun. There are plenty of fun activities such as climbing structures, slides, inflatables, trampolines, games, and so much more - so there's something fun to do for everyone! If you need to fuel up after jumping around, you can grab a bite to eat there. Plus, it's a great place to host a birthday party!
King Richard

King Richard's Faire

Although it's only a seasonal attraction, King Richard's Faire is one of Carver's biggest festivals! From September to end of October, King Richard's Faire is the New England spot for an awesome Renaissance Festival - only 5 minutes from our campground! You can delve into the fantasy world with rides, games, and entertainment. The festival rotates between six New England states, so be sure to stop by when you're visiting our Camp-Resort this fall!
Your visit to Jellystone Park™ Cranberry Acres is only complete when you get an authentic cranberry picking experience!

Flax Pond Farms

You can't take a trip to Jellystone Park™ Cranberry Acres without seeing actual cranberry bogs! While we do have cranberry bogs right at our Massachusetts camping resort, Flax Pond Farms offers an authentic cranberry picking experience for people visiting Carver! Jack and Dot Angley run the farm and have kept it as authentic as possible in the last 60 years, retaining happy customers with their attention to detail and hospitality! You can get a tour of the bogs, the actual picking of cranberries, and try delicious samples at the shop.
Uncover all the history Plymouth, MA has to offer when you visit our Massachusetts camping resort.

Native Plymouth Tours

This is a great, educational attraction for the whole family! These tours will teach you all about the historical information about Plymouth - but through the point of view of Native Americans! This new perspective is what makes it a learning journey for everyone (even parents who might know some of the history behind the founding of Plymouth)! Find more information here.
Finish your trip by unwinding in nature at the Myles Standish State Forest.

Myles Standish State Forest

Although our Camp-Resort is surrounded by woods and cranberry bogs, the Myles Standish State Forest is a great spot to surround yourself in nature outside of our family campground in Massachusetts. With over 12,000 acres of forest, lakes, and bogs, campers can head off-site and hike, walk, fish, or swim when they visit! It's only 5 minutes from our Camp-Resort so it's an easy activity if you want a peaceful activity for a few hours! 
As you can see, there are many things to do in Carver, Massachusetts that the whole family will enjoy. Whether you're looking to learn about Plymouth, jump on trampolines, or hike at the Myles Standish State Foreset, Carver is the place to be. If you and your family are interested in additional experiences, check out this list for everything Carver, MA has to offer. Start planning your day trip to Carver now!